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Secret Squirrel - 02-21-2013

The automated guy tries to sound live but its too obvious. I called and wasted their time & money by answering the questions like
Q: "What type of position are you looking for"?
A: "Executive"
Q: "What job title do you see yourself with in the next 305 years"?
A: "CEO"
Q: "Thats an excellent goal! What qualities to you possess to qualify for that title"?
A: "I'm a total jerk and don't care about anyone except myself"
Q: "Thats fantastic"!
I was laughing so hard I had to hang up, I plan on calling several times a day just for amusement purposes!

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Chris
Company: WN Positions
Number: 201-492-5009


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