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not scammed - 10-03-2016

This is a very sophisticated version of the IRS SCAM call using a Computer Generated 'female' voice that threatens a lawsuit and imprisonment if you do not call the number back immediately. Funny thing is, she tells you to have your LAWYER call! Any decent lawyer will tell you this is a SCAM . They called TWICE today within two hours from THIS number, and then less than two hours after that called again, SAME EXACT (Highly ILLEGAL) recording from 805-665-7927 which is a California CELL phone!

You can tell this is a SCAM because:
1. The IRS does NOT first contact you by phone; ALWAYS by WRITTEN LETTER, first.
2. The IRS would NOT call you using an anonymous CELL phone.
3. The recording does NOT ask for anyone SPECIFICALLY, NOR does it IDENTIFY WHOM SPECIFICALLY is calling you.
4. A REAL person would be calling (once they contacted you by letter) NOT a 'computer' voice.
5. They would NOT call from various phone numbers (Office LANDlines, ONLY) all over the country. They would be calling from Washington, DC OR your REGIONAL IRS Office.
6. The IRS has NO AUTHORITY to Arrest NOR Imprison anyone; ONLY the courts can do that and you would have to have a right to appear in court, first.

THIS IS A SCAM run by CRIMINALS who may or may not be within American borders. DO NOT fall for this. DO NOT call them back. Record the message if you can, BLOCK the number and REPORT to Authorities, including the FBI, IRS, DNC and your local police.
The caller was identified as "CELL PHONE DC" on Caller ID

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: IRS scammer
Company: CELL PHONE DC on Caller ID
Number: 202-213-1249


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