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Adam - 10-08-2014

Just got a phone call from this Indian lady, calling herself Susan Samuel. She threatened if I don't pay $3156 to her through the phone immediately, I will be arrested in 2 hours and jailed for 2 years. Losing all properties, house, cars... I asked her why not sent the notice to me through the mail. She said it's confidential and said a IRS person came to my house twice with lot of documents but nobody at home. I told her, of course nobody at home, because I have to go to work to make money and pay tax. I asked her to tell me when you will send another person and I will wait him at home. Then she said, pay me now or you will go to jail. I told her, this is America, you do not send anyone to jail like that, even IRS. This is malicious scam call to scare you to pay her money. I checked IRS website, it says thousand people got scammed and lost over 5 million dollars. If you receive a call from this Indian lady, tell her that you'll contact the police.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Susan Samuel
Company: IRS Scam
Number: 202-239-2136


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