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Gina - 04-26-2012

Called from a number that came up blocked, I answered because I have had my kids call from school and it say this. He said his name was Maul and he was from U.S. Government and I had been chosen to receive a $7,000 grant. You could barely understand him with him having a very strong accent. gave me an ID # and the phone number to call. I did not call.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Maul
Company: US Government Grants Dept
Number: 202-470-0037


Mary - 04-19-2012

this is a scamm dont even call this number 202-470-0037

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: couldnt understand her
Company: us federal dept
Number: 202-470-0037


Juice - 03-30-2012

Stacey, from the "US Grants Dept.", said that I was selected to receive a $7,000 grant and had to call 202-470-0037 and give my grant code in order to receive the money.

I called the number and was told I could receive the money in a direct bank deposit, on a credit card, or as cash. i said I wanted cash, because I was not going ot give out any information that they don't already have.

The lady (foreign accents for both women and very hard to understand, sound Indian), told me the money would be sent through Western Union and that I would have to pay a $250 processing fee.

This is where it got confusing. I think I had to send them $250 in order for the "Federal Reserve Bank" to process the transaction to send me the $7,000. The $250 also would go to a charity.

She got very upset when I started asking why I would need to send this money. I asked her to send the $7,000 and then I would pay the $250 from that money. I also asked, if the $250 was a processing fee, why is it going to a charity?

She hung up after that last question.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: stacey
Company: US Grants Dept
Number: 202-470-0037


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