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katmido - 05-02-2013

we received a call from this number today may 2nd,2013. The guy who called said he was from the dept of justice. The guy asked to talk to my sister because it was personal. He then told her that there is a package containing a large sum of money waiting for her to claim. We didn't give any info and the guy thought we were losers and stupid. When I threatened the guy that I would call the dept of justice and make sure the call was from them, he suggested to give me their phone number!!!!!??? then I yelled at him DO YOU THINK I AM STUPID!!! then the guy hung up. I again after moments talking the guy hung up again. Then again I made another call and guess what???!!! this time he begins with this is the dept of justice Raymond Jones how can I help you! lol the guy now knew what he should say to add some credibility to his situation. I told him that he missed with the wrong people. I checked the number and found out that it belongs somewhere in Washington DC far away from the dept of justice offices there. I advise anyone receiving such a call not to give any of their personal info.

Caller type: Other
Caller: Raymond Jhones
Company: Dept Of Justice
Number: 202-470-3383


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