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Carmen Williams - 08-29-2012

This idiot was very rude telling me they were from a law office and that they wanted to confirm my social security number and info they got very smart with me and used profanity as well as called me a bi*ch.

Caller type: Other
Caller: Josh
Company: Law Office
Number: 202-600-4531


Adrian - 08-14-2012

A man with a heavy accent named "James Brown" called me to notifiy me that his "client" is pressing charges against me for check fraud and non-payment of a payday loan. I do not have any outstanding payday loans with any company. When I told this guy that I don't owe anyone money and I don't have any oustanding payday loans he started to yell and curse me out. He said that he was going to call my work all day and make "my life a living hell." This is a scam. They try to scare people into paying money they don't really owe.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: James Brown
Number: 202-600-4531


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