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kmh1974 - 05-21-2015

Caller stated he was calling from the treasury department in Washington D.C. and said he had money for me in the thousand dollar range and I explained I am on the do not call list and please remove my name immediately and hung up. He then proceeded to call me back multiple times and started threatening to come to my house and started repeating an address and said he was coming for me and he will blow it up and then told me he was coming to my house and killing my family. I gave the phone to my husband and he asked him to talk to me and my husband refused to let him.he then asked of any last wishes of mine and if I would like to be f**** before I die? He asked my husband what way we would like to die by TNT , dynomite, or guillotine. My husband then hung the phone up and we called local authorities and our cellphone carrier. Very disturbing!

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Islamic man
Company: Treasury Department
Number: 202-666-8637


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