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James - 11-05-2014

Yes, I also got a call from the same number today several times, and left me several messages to call him back, the number is 202 864 1221 and I even called them back later the very same day, 

some man answered the phone who was very hard or nearly impossible to understand, due to either a muffled sound and / or his foreign accent, 

he said that I owe money for some unpaid taxes and legal fees to the IRS for about 5 years, and that i must pay them now in full by credit card only.

he was extremely rude and very ignorant, and was very hard to understand him, 

and he was making severe harsh threats while he was calling me very obscene harsh names, ar first it was just dumb and idiot, but later got very very harsh, and he even proceeded to call my mother very obscene harsh names. 

said that he has my arrest warrant sitting on his desk, which he will sign if I dont make payment to him immediately. 

he clearly claimed to be and said that he is an officer of the law and an agent working for the IRS, 
he said that his name is Officer Steven Bradley, badge ID number AV239.

but the problem is that he even knew my real name and the exact address.

each time I called them back, the very same exact person had answered by a total different name, and still claimed that it was IRS

while being rude, he had made severe threats and also while calling me names using very severe profanity, in the end he just simply hung up the phone on me,

he also said that he is going to freeze all my bank accounts, freeze all my assets, suspend my drivers license, and will sign an arrest warrant for my arrest, even said that he will send Cops to my house, yes he said Cops not Police, and then just simply hung up the phone on me,

or is this yet another some sort of a foreign Indian or a Pakistani Scam yet again just to get at Your Money ?

he clearly was of an Indian or a Pakistani origin, as such is very clear by his accent.

after googling this same actual phone number, apparently there are many of these same or very similar scam reports using this same exact phone number and they are calling themselves Internal Revenue Service when they answer, with all people claiming the very same exact info.

is this even legal to impersonate a federal organization and an actual officer of the law .

Caller type: Other
Caller: Steven Bradley
Company: Internal Revenue Service
Number: 202-864-1221


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