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R Smith - 09-27-2013

They call about ever day sometimes twice a day. If I don't answer they leave no messages. Sometimes they hang up when you answer. When the man talks you can't understand half what he says.
But he will say you previously took birth control right? When I say no he says you had bladder surgery right? I say no the list goes on. I say no to them all truthfully. Then he acts mad hangs up. The first time I ever answered him. He said you got big settlement coming. Then ask me all them questions. When I said no to them he said ok angrily and hung up without anything further. But calls back about ever day again same stuff. I'm tired of it I'm on do not call list to. But what good is that.
People still call. I'd like know how stop these people. When you tell them once it ought be enough.

Caller type: Other
Caller: no name given
Company: Some medical unclear what he says
Number: 202-888-0169


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