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john - 12-03-2014

IRS scam from officer Johnathan Knight badge 06719. He has a very heavy Indian accent and hard to understand. The message said that he is from the federal investigation devision of the IRS. There is fraud on our taxes and we need to call him back right away on his direct line. He never gave that number but since I know it's a scam I wouldn't call it anyway.
Caller: IRS scam
Caller Type: Likely Phishing or Scam

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Johnathan Knight
Company: IRS Scam
Number: 202-888-3095


jeff - 11-28-2014

Caller left a recorded message they were the IRS and investigating us. Not true. This is not IRS protocol. They send certified letter first. They would never leave recorded message by phone. Therefore, they misrepresented themselves as an agent of the Federal Gov't which is a federal offense and wire fraud.
DO NOT establish contact if you get this phone call.

Caller type: Other
Caller: None-left recording
Company: Misrepresented as agent of the Federal Government IRS
Number: 202-888-3095


Crook - 11-25-2014

Jonathan Knight from IRS left a message on my voice mail stating that he was an IRS agent and that there was a warrant for my arrest because of tax fraud. I returned the call and informed him that I was aware of his scam and remove my name and number from his list. He wanted to know if he should proceed with the warrant. My response was "do what the h... you need to do" and again, remove my name from the list of people to scam.

Caller type: Other
Company: IRS
Number: 202-888-3095


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