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None of your business - 03-12-2015

A man with an Indian accent called me on this number claiming to be from Windows. He told me there was an urgent problem with my computer and asked for me to press certain keys (doing so would have granted him access to my computer). The thing is, I don't have a windows computer. The man got hostile when I asked for the name of his company and a number he could be reached at. I've received tons of harassing phone calls from these people over the last year and a half. They always change the number they call me on. Sometimes the number is not real (can't be called back, other times the number belongs to a legitimate, unaffiliated person or company.

This is not an actual person from Windows and they do not want to fix your computer. They want access to your computer so they can gather your information (credit cards, emails, other personal information, etc.)

Do not be fooled by anyone who calls on this number or any number who claims to be from Windows and tells you that you have an urgent problem.

Windows official website clearly states they are not affiliated with these people (whoever they are). Windows would not call you, you would call Windows. (As they are a huge company with millions of customers and most likely aren't spending their employees' time checking the status of their customers' IP address- not that they would have any reason to anyway).

The minute you question the person on the phone they try to revert the conversation back to you. If you cut them off, they get hostile. I told them to stop calling me once and the man told me he would call me every day for the rest of my life and then went on to threaten the life of me and my family.

This has been reported to the police. The police told me to report it to the bureau of better business, which I have.

This is most likely an out of country caller/hacker/lunatic. The police and bureau of better business haven't done much to resolve the harassment.


Caller type: Scammer
Caller: David
Company: Windows
Number: 203-546-8530


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