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Scottie - 05-17-2014

If you answer the call from phone number 205-561-2454 an automated recording begins with an 'alarming' message quoting the FBI's Statistics with Percentages of Crime in your area. Then it 'calmly' offers you 'security' if you'll let them place a sign in your yard for safety in your neighborhood. The recipient is then prompted to "press 1' on the keypad for more information. If you do press '1' the call transfers to a live Representative. If you do not take the call then, but - instead - place a 'call-back' to the number 205-561-2454 you will get a recorded message prompting you to "press any number on your keypad if you do not want to receive these calls". FYI: You will not reach a live Representative so that you could tell them not to call you. And PLEASE BEWARE: DON'T follow the prompt to "press ANY number on your phone dial pad" -- as an FCC Rep told me -- it will only add your phone number to call lists being sold to more scammers & telemarketers and you will get more unknown & unwanted callers! WindStream, who owns this phone number, told me the only way to stop calls from 205-561-2454 is to contact WindStream (at 1-877-340-2600, ext. 7733) and request that they notify 'their customer' with your Do Not Call phone number. You should also file a complaint with the FCC, the FTC, and, the State of Alabama's Attorney General's Office; you can find the phone numbers and web-sites to all of these via the Internet.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Did Not Identify Themselves
Number: 205-561-2454


Anon - 03-04-2014

Robot call for home security systems

Caller type: Telemarketer
Number: 205-561-2454


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