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UPSET in Oregon - 10-03-2012

We received a phone call from this number at 11:17 p.m., awakening us from a sound sleep. We don't get calls that late, so I was sure it was from a family member in trouble. Instead, there was someone breathing on the other end of the line, then some clicking, then finally, after I kept saying, Hello, is anyone there. That person hung up the phone.

When I called the number back this morning just now, it took me to a recorded message saying if I didn't want to hear about their product, to press one to be taken off their list. We are on the National No Call List, we should not be on any list to begin with--and to call after nine p.m. is ILLEGAL.

I've read if you press any number to be taken off the list, it actually puts you ON their list, and they give your number to a bunch of other telemarketers.

This particular number is a Washington state land line phone. I have reported it to the no-call list people. Doubtful they will do anything, as we have been steadily receiving calls like this, along with Rachael offering us some credit card deal for over two years. I have steadily reported these calls as they've come in.

The people from the national list do not seem to do anything to these shysters, so I've finally resorted to putting the phone with any live callers next to a speaker blasting whatever music or TV show I have going. They usually do hang up.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: Washington State Land Line
Number: 206-397-1127


Ingo - 08-09-2012

They want you to connect to internet and copy your computer, to "help" you with a problem on your computor. Don't do it !
I had several calls and I tell them that Microsoft can not call all users. I don't have a service agreement and I don't want them to fool me. Then they finish the call.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Lisa
Company: Microsoft service provider Not true
Number: 206-397-1127


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