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GoFu - 11-13-2014

Caller called left a message to call back. I called back and he said he was calling about a loan I requested. He proceeded to tell me he was going to give me a loan. So I played along. He asked me for my debt card number so he could transfer the funds to my account. So I gave him 4 and the number he called me from (214848236) then some random numbers like 69696. Then he asked for the CV number and the expiration number. Finally he asked for the name on the card which I spelled it out for him GoFu C Kyourself which he then to began to cuss me out. Apparently he did not find humor in my choice of names. Laugh at him it really makes him get going.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: no name given
Company: Eloan Finanicial
Number: 214-884-8236


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