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Central Office: NWYRCYZN12, NY - XO NEW YORK, INC. [?]

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Jessica - 06-24-2011

This company has been calling me for months about a fake pay day loan. I have never taken a pay day loan in my life. They have threatened to have an office of the law come to my job and arrest me and recently have started threatening my children. I filed a complaint with the FTC and I am considering a lawyer. They gave me a fake address when I asked for a physical address 515 Broadway Street 11th floor New York, New York 10036. They will not provide me with proof of my debt either. Its all a scam.

Caller type: Other
Caller: Officer Shawn Davis
Company: Deparment of Law Investigation
Number: 347-426-2682


Darkman - 06-21-2011

I received a call from Eric Foster stating that he is lawyer and I owe money on some payday loan that is in default. He needed my lawyer's number because they are filing a case against me in court. I never received a payday loan, so I know that this is B.S. I asked him for a physical address and he gave me "515 Broadway Street 11th floor. New York, New York 10036". No surprise that this is a fake address! So far I've spoken with the following individuals:

Charles Green
Christopher Berry
Eric Foster
John Smith
Kent Brown

Yes, they are all fake names.

I told them to send me documentation on my "case"...still waiting! THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAMMERS!!!!

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Eric Foster
Company: American Law Division
Number: 347-426-2682


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