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Mr Billy - 03-15-2014

Scam where they offer to lower interest rates- there is an option to be removed from the call list but all it does is hang up on you. Poor people who work at this place are either idiots who don't know that they are doing something illegal or they are aware that they are part of a scam- either way bad news.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: card services
Number: 360-322-6687


Len S - 03-04-2014

I waited in order to talk to an individual. He asked if I wanted to lower my credit card rate, When I answered I want to remove this number, he turned on some irritating music and said he couldn't hear me. I waited, music went off, he asked if he could help me. As soon as I asked to be removed, he did it again, turned music up. If I could find out who he was an his company, I would do something.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Number: 360-322-6687


had enough - 01-22-2014

360-322-6687 - 1/21/14 @ 3:30 it was Lower your credit card rate
@ 4:07 it was US Pharmacy
- tele-a***s - reported to FTC - (waste of time / do nothing bureau)

I have already wasted my time checking caller Id ... I find this the perfect opportunity to vent .... have fun stringing them on etc .... wasted time = loss income
ALSO .... I called the Service Provider - International Telcom Ltd - Address: 417 2nd Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119 Phone:(206) 479-5200 ... I told them their client/customer is harassing me - they have the ability to stop this by not allowing them phone services ... since they chose money & turn a blind eye to the harassment reaped on public - I will continue to call them each & every time I receive this type of phone call. I harass the providers since they allow this bullsh*t. If more people would demand the provider take responsibility for allowing that telephone # to harass - remember... it costs them money, if their staff & lines are tied up with your complaints,
I file complaints to the FCC - BBB - Atty Gen (State & Federal) & every politician I can
I write 1 document & attach it .... I file against the tel # & the service provider
Remember, put pressure on the providers - they have the ability to discontinue services to these spammers. BE HEARD

Caller type: Scammer
Company: US Pharamacy credit card
Number: 360-322-6687


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