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Joanne - 07-26-2013

Date Occurred: 07/12/2013
Reported Damages: $300.00
Username: Kevin Johnson
Location: San Rafael Ca

This person along with another woman called and threatened my husband that he was going to be arrested for a Pay Pay Loan, that we never got nor received. I have contacted my local police dept. and bank. They told me this is a scam, and if they take any monies. They will prosecute to the fullest extend of the law. However I know they are not in CA, this scam is in India, being these people all have indian accents

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Kevin Johnson
Company: Pay Day Loan


Terri - 07-25-2013

I applied for a payday loan. I was requested to prove that I could repay the loan by buying a green dot green card. This money would be returned with the loan. The time that the loan would be available kept changing. I never received the loan. I have received calls asking if I would like a loan. The names change but the accents remain the same. Today I received a call giving me a phone number and wanting me to verify my social security number: something about charges being brought up against me. I stated that I would verify nothing until they explained what they were talking about. I attempted to call the number after they hung up: same people answered the phone.
I believe they owe me $300.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Payday LoanePayday Loan


j - 07-18-2013

Basically the same as above. They keep calling multiple times saying that someone is going to come get me and threatening me. Yet when they call back no one knows what's going on. And I can barely understand this persons accent. I even had my lawyer call them and by hung up on him too. Yet they continue to call!

Caller type: Scammer


cindy - 06-26-2013

A foreign person who can barely speak english who either leaves messages or threatens and says someone is going to come to your home an arrest you. when I tried to explain the person they were looking for does not work there any longer, he called back 10x in a row. The threats are what is wrong and this same person has called at least once a month with threats about something asking for people who don't work at my company - the police are coming; you are going to be arrested...blah, blah....

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: Claims Walmart


Tina - 06-11-2013

Company called my place of employment and 1st question was do u have a lawyer and I said no why and said their is a case against you you neefd to contact us 4152955685 and asked for a mike carter and will take care of your issue he said he was very nice and would work with me he couk dnt tell what is was about nor at first would he give me the name of the company than an 1 hr later another person called me again and I said I'm glad you guyd cslled me back I said I tried yo call u back and I kept gett ing hung up on once I asked the lady who answered the phone what the name ofthe business name was and she replied with an attitude who's I'd this and so I replied I need this info so that when I call a lawyer and can have all the info and so she replied then have your lawyer call she repeated it 3 times and then she hung up on me

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: couldnt understand caller thick accent
Company: Department of legal affairs and investigation


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