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N A - 03-14-2014

Called stating there was a problem with Windows operating system; hackers could get in and steal info and/or computer will crash. Kept asking if I was in front of computer, wanting me to turn on computer so he could fix. Tried to get more info on who he was and WHY he was calling. Said calling from Salt Lake City and that was trying to fix the problem with my computer. Told him to give me Web link where I could check for myself and download any patches or fixes for the problem, this is how companies usually provide solutions to known problems with their products. He told me there was no fix I could do myself. That's when I knew for sure this was a SCAM. Like Microsoft is really going to personally call every Windows user to fix their operating system free of charge! Asked him what version of Windows had this supposed problem (since he claimed to know so much about my operating system), just rattled off all versions. Told him I was going to investigate the supposed problem and if one was found, would take care of myself. He asked me to call back on (952)967-6389 and have call transferred to him, Alex.

Called back number in my caller ID: Number can not be reached as dialed. Called call back number: Got voice mail stating number belonged to someone with last name Clark. BOGUS SCAM ARTIST - WARN EVERYONE! Very convincing and patient, answering and responding to questions which usually will make most scanners hung up.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: ALEX
Company: Windows Service Center


fwiw - 03-05-2014

Tel No: 451-667-5888
Caller ID: Name Unavailabl
Probable: SCAM ARTISTs...

Caller type: Scammer


aaron plotkin - 01-24-2014

indian pharmacy selling ed meds

Caller type: Telemarketer


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