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Ronin - 06-13-2014

610-844-9910 - Called our business just a bit ago. Caller ID showed up as CREDITSAFE. Knew it was a telemarketer before I even picked it up, but with our unique business we deal with a lot of out of state customers, so we do have to answer almost all incoming calls. I said hello, and then the monkey with a script immediately went into his little spiel about wanting to speak to the credit manager, then the financial manager, then the accounts receivable department, etc. I politely informed him that I am the owner and that we do not require their services. The second I said that he became very irate and started cursing at me. Seriously? This is how this company trains their employees and runs their business? I hung up on him immediately. He then called me right back, to which I simply lifted the receiver and then hung it up, thus instantly disconnecting the call. I will be reporting the call directly to the website as harassment phone calls and will file a formal complaint with the BBB if they call our business again. I would highly recommend that no individual or company, small or large, do business with this organization as their workers are clearly unprofessional, and if this is how they treat people they are trying to sell their product to, I would hate to see how they handle issues after you sign up with them.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: credit services
Number: 610-844-9910


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