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CJ - 04-02-2015

The original caller is a middle-man company for a collection agency. The middle man company can break any law they want because they aren't actually the collection agency. This middle man can call you at any time, they can threaten, they can call people collection agencies can't call (like neighbors, friends, family) and discuss your debt with them. When you call the number 855-258-3652, it redirects you to the actual collections agency.

If the debt is real, I cannot honor it because the collections company is skirting the law by hiring this middle man/company to do the illegal dirty work. The middle man company hides its phone number, so I'm guessing it will be difficult to track down who they really are. The ultimate debt collector in my case was Regency Collection Agency. I have received nothing in the mail, and there is no validation of this supposed debt. I am unaware of owing anyone money at this point, so without written validation of this debt they will simply have to keep trying to scam me.

Whether this is purely a scam or just a sleazy new way to collect real debt we may never know. Be careful everyone!

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Robert
Company: Regency Collections Agency
Number: 855-258-3652


fed up - 03-14-2015

The message I'm getting from an unknown number is "hello my name is Terry Joseph. I'm an independent legal courier. I will be stopping by your home or place of employment today for papers requiring your signature for claim no. #######. If no response is heard from you, we will be forced to proceed without your consent in this matter. If you would like to resolve this matter beforehand please contact 855-258-3652.

Caller: Terry Joseph
Number: 855-258-3652


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