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fp - 11-16-2012

A few weeks ago I inquired about a scholarship program with Brown Mackee College. Since then, I have received unrelenting phone calls from 3 other solicitors on my home and work cell. Today i received a voicemail from this number (the phone did not ring) from Seth Harrowitz...nice name..burping on the phone...idiot. The message was for a Michael Harrison??? it was regarding some fraud charge and to contact them at 855-752-0179. I would never contact them...ever. Maybe these illegal call center job opportunities fulfill an niche for the criminal, unskilled takers, and ignorant morons out there, but what a drain on the rest of us thinkers and doers. How 'bout thith Seth...cease and desist.

Caller type: Other
Caller: Seth Harrowitz
Company: unk
Number: 855-752-0179


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