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Roberto - 06-08-2015

Caller ID identified the number as 608.371.6666 ("Janesville WI") but the voicemail message asked me to call David Binkley at 855.816.1374. That was kind of suspicious.

They knew I had a home loan, and the bank it came from, so I returned the call. My call immediately went to voice mail, with a greeting that said to leave a name and number and they would call back. That seemed VERY suspicious - voice mail instead of a dense voice menu system for one of the nation's largest banks?

I called the bank directly and confirmed that there was no reason for them to contact me, so I assume that the Janesville caller was a scammer trying to sell me another home loan.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: David Binkley
Company: Citibank
Number: 855-816-1374


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