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Cook - 12-20-2014

I called this number from a Help Option offered to me when I tried to recover an Admin Password on an ASUS laptop purchased from Microsoft and was locked out due to too many attempts at the wrong password.
Background: I set up a Microsoft Hotmail account for my grandson using his mother's name because my grandson is only 8 years old and isn't old enough to set up his own account. Well..... after allowing what I THOUGHT was a Microsoft authorized tech access to my grandson's new laptop, I'm told there is a trojan virus on my "network" called csrss.exe. "Csrss" stands for client/server run-time subsystem and is an essential subsystem that must be running at all times. Csrss is responsible for console windows, creating and/or deleting threads, and some parts of the 16-bit virtual MS-DOS environment. It IS NOT a trojan unless you look find it in Task manager that is not a valid Windows Folder (it is normally for in c:\windows\system32. This "Help" number tried to con me into spending money (either 299.99 or 369.99 - options from two different "Level 5 World Map Engineers" "Pyramids IT" or "Network Solutions" - who are probably the same con artists) to fix a non-existent problem. Don't fall for it. It IS A SCAM !!!

Caller type: Other
Caller: Paul
Company: Pyramids IT
Number: 855-961-0247


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