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Central Office: LA JOLLA, CA - PACIFIC BELL [?]

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anonymous - 12-16-2013

Call from this number twice, no answer

Caller: CA
Company: CA
Number: 858-729-4303


Jan - 12-06-2013

This is the "Credit Card Services" scam where the bot voice announces that it's your 'final call' to clear up your credit. This company - or ones like it - use various locations and numbers.

Even worse, when you follow the directions to press 1 to stop these calls, it only confirms that you are a real number. When I've talked to the telemarketers, they are rude and indifferent to a person's privacy. They won't take you off the list, so I stay on the line to at least run up the phone bill!

Number: 858-729-4303


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