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Lotus - 06-25-2016

He called consistently and often during the time my husband was very ill; beginning on 8 June 2016 we were traveling in a car. He said I won a great amount of money and a new car. When I phoned Publishers Clearing House, they said he was not with the company. Other people on the internet have been scammed by him. He always wants me to call him back.
He called after I had looked up his name on the internet 9 June and when I told him he was a fake, he said he would call back in two weeks. He called today 25 June. I didn't answer but it is the same phone number. I want to prosecute. My husband died on 15 June and this scammer made the trip to Colorado so much more difficult due to his harassment about meeting me back home in Kingman, Az. He said at that time he was at the airport in Kingman with the "package" for me.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: David King
Company: Publishers Clearing House
Number: 876-320-8235


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