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claimed to be the American Federal Government

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Lori Scott - 01-23-2014

I just received a call from +0000121233. The man gave me the # 209-813-0490 to call, after he said he wanted to verify my mailing address. He said he was trying to secure a grant for $7,500, from the federal government. I was suspicious, but I let him verify my address. I have a P.O. Box & Life Lock, so I really wasn't too worried about that. I called the 209 #, just to see what else these scam artists were going to say. A woman answered, and just said "Hello". Like that was supposed to convince me it was a government office. I asked her who's number I had dialed, & she actually said "This is a government office." I told her I was suspicious, & she hung up on me. Unbelievable! These crooks are running entire call centers doing this, or they're making the calls in a public place. You can hear lots of people in the back ground. Beware of anyone that calls you saying they're from Microsoft, as well. Microsoft doesn't call their customers, unless requested to.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: no name given
Company: claimed to be the American Federal Government
Number: 209-813-0490