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Pre Trial Invesitgation

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Mare - 04-16-2015

He left a message12:44pm PST 4/16/2016 and a week ago. I am a Paralegal and former debt collector they also called me about a month ago. What they say on an outgoing message is Illegal in all forms of debt collection law - they wont say why they called and oh they took my number off the system, so why call today. I have a pristine record for my 61 years and I don't owe anyone. I am a licensed professional they want to talk to my attorney of record well that's me. He hung up on me twice. Ladies and gentleman when a legit collection agency calls they can leave there name and number, the name of the company ...what gets me is how they got my cell phone. You ever get a call like this tell them to take your number off the record, send a letter - believe me if they are going to sue you will get a summons within 30 days and there you can write your explanation and file it - when you get to court you will get to talk to the judge and make these people look a fool. No reason to fear a law suit.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Trent Nelson
Company: Pre Trial Invesitgation
Number: 440-220-6337