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marlihop - 05-19-2015

Caller (extortionists): "Litigation Support Services" aka "Pre-Trial Intervention", in Cleveland, OH.
In early May, 2015, I received a voice mail message from a person who called himself "Trent Neilsen" at (440) 220.6337 stating that I was being sued for unspecified criminal acts, in an unspecified court, in an unspecified city and State, by an unspecified governmental entity. This professional extortionist had the accent of a street thug. The extortionist wouldn't provide a court case number, or jurisdiction.
See below on this same blog / thread information provided by another intended victim who decided to call them back. The extortionists began to become frustrated. This other person reportedly spoke with a "Mr. Davenport", "Terry Anderson", "Nancy", at the extortionists' phone number who reportedly began to hurl verbal obscenities at this other intended victim. These extortionists then reportedly "begged (the other person in question) to stop calling them".
Since these telephone calls crossed state lines (from Ohio to California, in my case), the Federal Dept of Justice should have jurisdiction to prosecute and imprison.

Caller type: Sociopath
Caller: Trent Neilsen
Company: Litigation Support Services aka Pre-Trial Intervention
Number: 440-220-6337


Mare - 04-16-2015

He left a message12:44pm PST 4/16/2016 and a week ago. I am a Paralegal and former debt collector they also called me about a month ago. What they say on an outgoing message is Illegal in all forms of debt collection law - they wont say why they called and oh they took my number off the system, so why call today. I have a pristine record for my 61 years and I don't owe anyone. I am a licensed professional they want to talk to my attorney of record well that's me. He hung up on me twice. Ladies and gentleman when a legit collection agency calls they can leave there name and number, the name of the company ...what gets me is how they got my cell phone. You ever get a call like this tell them to take your number off the record, send a letter - believe me if they are going to sue you will get a summons within 30 days and there you can write your explanation and file it - when you get to court you will get to talk to the judge and make these people look a fool. No reason to fear a law suit.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Trent Nelson
Company: Pre Trial Invesitgation
Number: 440-220-6337


Chris - 04-06-2015

These people called had my social, my previous address, and said we owed cash central 500$ for a payday loan we never got! I spoke to cash central and they have never heard of me. These people are illegally scamming people. I want to know how they got my social???!!!!

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Litigation Services
Number: 440-220-6337


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