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JaneR - 04-17-2014

The man who called had a heavy foreign accent. He asked for me by name. He kept talking, even though I kept asking him to take our number off of his calling list. He was trying to push a solar energy audit saying he could save us 50% on our energy bills. He asked if we own our home, and I said that we rent. Then, he said "okay, goodbye"

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: Solar


Brian - 04-04-2014

The call came in on my cell phone.....I was told that "their" system shows that my computer has been sending out messages to them; my computer is infected. The woman couldn't even tell me what version of windows was running or any other details. Don't reveal anything to the caller including your email address, it's clearly a scam.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: fake Windows IT support


Valerie - 02-06-2014

I was having computer trouble with my router DLink and googled "DLink" for help. I found a telephone number online that said it was DLINK Help desk, or something close to that, I proceeded to call. The people there spoke with a heavy eastern Indian accent. I DID play along because I didn't know any better. They finally they told me it was going to cost, now I can't remember exactly how much money, to fix all the viruses on my computer. He actually took over MY COMPUTER from his terminal !! Now that was stupid of me, but I THOUGHT they really were associated with DLink. I then realized the person never addressed the question I had initially posed. After I asked it a second time it was clear he didn't know how to help me. He only knew scripted conversation and he was going to take a couple of hundred of dollars from me. Well, after I told him (very politely) I didn't want any of his services he got VERY belligerent!! and degrading. It was then I told him he was a swindler and the conversation digressed from there. YIKES!! They call every now and again to offer me computer cleaning services or they hang up on me!

Caller type: Other
Caller: forgot that too
Company: forgot the name of the company


anonymous - 12-18-2013

Called my work phone number and told me he was with Windows Tech Support and I had infected files on my computer. Tried to get me to tell him what was on my computer. I asked him to email me the steps of what he wanted me to do and he said they don't email the steps. I hung up and called our company tech support. No one by the name Justin works in our Windows support area.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Justin
Company: Windows Tech Support


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