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Central Office: LACRSCENTA, CA - T-MOBILE USA, INC. [?]

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Breann arant - 02-01-2013

They called and said they were faxing y case file to the nearby police department because someone had filed a lawsuit against me. They also said I had to go and pick up my subpoena from tere. That's not how a subpoena works!!

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Law Firm
Number: 818-275-7899


dianne gibson - 01-18-2013

He said he was calling from lawyer office. and said they had file a lawsuite and that i will be going to court, about loans i took out. and what was my lawyer name. they keep calling me at least 3or 4 time a day

Caller type: Other
Company: lawyer office
Number: 818-275-7899


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